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The lab attends the Early Detection of Cancer Conference in Stanford!

At the end of last month, Daniel, Hui-Ling and Estela attended the Early Detection of Cancer Conference, which took place at Stanford University, hosted by the Canary Center. The conference focused on the latest advancements in several fields of the early detection of cancer, including prognostic early detection, novel integrative methodologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and risk stratification and susceptibility.

The meeting was very fruitful as we had the opportunity to meet with Jim Kokorla, our collaborator from OHSU, and catch up on our latest results. Hui-Ling is working on the development of new strategies together with Kokorla's lab to decipher SASP factors that can be potentially targetable.

The meeting ended with an amazing gala dinner at the Stanford Stadium!

We would like to thank the CRUK Early Detection Programme for supporting our attendance to the conference.

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