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Cristina Gonzalez Lopez

PhD Student. Funded by an EPSRC Scholarship.


Cristina studied Pharmacy at University of Granada (UGR) in Spain and won the award for the best academic performance of hear year. Alongside her MPharm studies, she was a research fellow in the Béjar Luque Group at the UGR, working on the characterization of hypersalinic bacteria. During the summer of 2017, she pursued an internship at the Alexandrov Group at EMBL in Heidelberg (European Molecular Biology Laboratory), where she worked on the development of imaging mass spectrometry workflows. In summer 2018, she worked at the Cid-Arregui Lab at DKFZ in Heidelberg (German Cancer Research Center) working on tumor immunotherapy, where she carried out her Bachelor Thesis, which was awarded as the Best Bachelor Thesis of her promotion in UGR. During her last year of Pharmacy studies, she also collaborated at the Nanochembio lab at GENYO Research Centre in Granada, funded by a Ministry Scholarship. 

Besides her academic involvement, Cristina has participated in different organisational levels at the University of Granada, as a fellow for the Pharmacy Deanship, class representative and at the Department Council and different Committees. Additionally, she has a strong interest in science communication and has given talks and seminars on the role of women in science at her home University. 


In October 2019, she started her PhD co-supervised by Dr. Ljiljana Fruk and Daniel Muñoz-Espín, funded by EPSRC Scholarship. She is working on the development of novel strategies to target cellular senescence.


  • Galacto-conjugation of Navitoclax as an efficient strategy to increase senolytic specificity and reduce platelet toxicity.
    E. González-Gualda†, M. Pàez-Ribes,†, B. Lozano-Torres,†, D. Macias, J. R Wilson III, C. González-López, H-L. Ou, S. Mirón-Barroso, Z. Zhang, A. Lérida-Viso, J. F Blandez, A. Bernardos, F. Sancenón, M. Rovira, L. Fruk, M. Serrano, G. J Doherty, R. Martínez-Máñez*, D. Muñoz-Espín*. 
    Aging Cell. 00:e13142, 2020.

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