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Sharing our research at the Cambridge Science Festival!

Early Lung Cancer Detection at the Cambridge science festival

Last month, we were delighted to participate at the Cambridge Science Festival, where we shared with hundreds of visitors what we do in our lab in order to detect cancer earlier.

As part of our outreach activities, we explained where and how lung cancer tumours usually develop using a model containing small tumours that light up under our special detector light, and asked visitors to detect them!

We also made a home-made version of the classic pinball using a small trick to explain the encapsulation process of our probes in order to target lung cancer tumours early on!

Finally, we explained how these encapsulated particles target the tumours while recreating a simple arcade-like game that we developed ourselves. Have a look!

We genuinely had a blast and hope all our visitors enjoyed our explanations and learned about our exciting research in the early detection field. Hope to see you next year!

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