zhenguang zhang

Postdoctoral Research Associate. Funded by MRC.

Zhenguang undertook a 5-year medical training in Xiamen University, China (2004-2009). He then moved to the University of Edinburgh to pursue his PhD under the supervision of Professor Karen Chapman and Jonathan Seckl (2009-2013). His project was focused on the study of 11β-HSD1 regulation of glucocorticoid action in macrophages, using arthritis and angiogenesis models. It revealed an indispensable role of macrophage 11β-HSD1 in inflammation resolution. Continuing work of glucocorticoid signalling in his postdoc, with Professor Andrew Loudon and David Ray at the University of Manchester (2014-2018), showed that time of day variation of lung inflammatory response was independent of airway epithelial cell glucocorticoid receptor signalling. In the meantime, he also studied transcriptome level changes of Bmal1 deficiency on airway epithelial cells by time serial RNA seq in both laser micro-dissected samples and primary cells cultured in air-liquid interface. He also found that metabolic cues can reset lung clock and inflammation response. In 2018, he joined Muñoz-Espín’s laboratory to study the role of injury-induced cell plasticity on early lung cancer development.


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